Some of the Internet's Best Podcasts - What Keeps My iPod Full

Tagged: 2008

One thing that I’ve gotten to be a very big fan of is podcasting.

I load up my iPod and it can provide hours upon hours of entertainment.

One of the best aspects of podcasting is its ability to bring people together. One of my favorite places for podcasts is the TWIT network These podcasts provide a great way to learn and keep up-to-date on technology. With all the great technology that is available now (skype, twitter, blogging, etc) it is so easy to connect. Because of this TWIT is able to bring together great minds from all over the world as hosts and guests. A simple Skype phone call and they are instantly recording a conversation that you can really enjoy listening to.

I think that this ability to connect people is one of the greatest achievements of the internet. It was amazing that anyone in the world can listen, and then through chat, email, and blogs, participate in a conversation between tons of people that live no where near each-other.

What is also great about podcasting, TWIT in particular, is that communities that they create. Loyal listeners send feedback and comments. For example with “Security Now” every other episode is a listener feedback show where they focus on questions and comments sent in by listeners.

Loyal listeners are also forming a new community centered around “This Week in Photography” They’ve started a Flickr group in which photographers are posting photos for contest and critique. It has also become a great resource for discussion of photographic technology, from cameras, lenses, to software and printing tips.