A Great Example of the Power of Podcasting

Tagged: 2008

In a previous post I wrote about how great podcasting can be when it brings people together to discuss issues with a variety of perspective. I recently listened to a great example of this during episode 138 of TWIT http://twit.tv/138.

During this episode, the guest is Mark Frauenfelder cofounder of BoingBoing and now a writer for Makezine (http://makezine.com). One of the most interesting parts is when they discuss the future of journalism. They discuss the article in The New Yorker that is about the death of the American Newspaper.

I think one of the most interesting features of this discussion was their concern with primary sources. They point out that “old school” journalism is a necessary source of research and fact. It is presented that sources like Twitter provide real-time news, almost instantly spreading news as it happens across the net.

I don’t feel that I’m informed enough at this point to really weigh in on this conversation, but my point is to demonstrate the interesting, important, and very relevant conversation that anyone can be privy to thanks to podcast centered communities.

Really any online community that brings information sharing, and most importantly discussion, to the masses is such a benefit for the people involved.