A week and a half without the Internet

Tagged: 2008

So I moved out of my apartment into my town-home and didn’t have the internet installed until today since that was the earliest Verizon could come.

So after my first few hours with FIOS, I’ve got to say I’m very happy. I used http://www.speedtest.net/ which I know nothing about, just found it today, but it seems cool. Anyway, I got exactly what I expected.

Today I also did a fresh Windows XP install and set up Steam to get Counterstrike Source. Only took a couple hours to download, which was awesome. As soon as the new Ubuntu is released, I’ll be sure to hit that up and see how I can do with torrents.

So now I’m back to getting my social networking, blogging, general surfing fix. I’ll be able to amp up my posting here as well.