Python First Impressions

Tagged: 2008

I’ve recently started learning and programming in Python. It is an exciting and new experience for me, and since it had been so long since I’ve posted to this site, I felt that it would be a good time to share some initial impressions.
I’ve primarily worked in compiled languages, so the dynamic typing in Python has been a big adjustment

I’m really enjoying working in Python. After getting used to the differences in Python, and the development process implications of Python, I now feel that I’m able to quickly write code to do meaningful tasks. There is little overhead, and it is so very simple to get code up and running and doing something. That is hard to compete with. Part of the thrill I get from programming is seeing results, seeing those lines of output that I want to see. Python makes that easy and very quickly obtainable.

Most of all, as I’ve mentioned throughout this, but to sum up, I’m impressed with the ability to quickly get usefully code working in Python.

Note: Please remember this is just my first pass and initial impressions. As I work on my project more and complete it, I’ll be able to say more about it. But as a young software developer learning a new language, this was an exciting opportunity to share my experience.