Tagged: 2010

I’ve started using Jekyll instead of WordPress for this website/blog.

I’ll start by saying that I’m extremely happy with my decision to switch.

  1. I’m a programmer and Jekyll fits well within my skill set and desire to have a great deal of control over the look and feel of my site

  2. I wanted a dynamic site that was easy to update, WordPress was great and easy to use, but had a distinct set of disadvantages, mainly constant upgrading

  3. I was really tired of upgrading WordPress with every little patch to keep from being vulnerable to exploits. Now with Jekyll, I create the site in a programmer friendly environment, generate the static HTML pages, and do a simply rsync to the server. No worrying about PHP or web application vulnerabilities, no extra features I’m not using that just slow the platform down, just a pure and simple website.

  4. Now it is trivial to place the entire site under version control (I’m using Mercurial for version control and Dropbox to backup and sync the site between computers, and since I was already using it and thus don’t need a hosted Mercurial provider)

  5. I’m really happy with the new clean and simple layout that I designed as part of the migration

  6. I get to use more amazing Ruby (my favorite language) community projects

Now that I’m up and running with a nice new system, more content should follow.