The Best Podcast Episodes - Spring 2015

Photo credit: Dan Ivovich

I’ve outlined a lot of podcasts to listen to. I’ve even narrowed the list to a select set.

Over the past few months, some episodes have really stood out. This list may be helpful if you are new to listening to podcasts, or if you are curious about some of my favorite shows.

I hope this list gives you a good place to start enjoying something new.

Inquisitive - Behind the App Series

This is a great, high production value, series with great interviews from some big players in mobile app development. I highly recommend you go back to the first episode and listen through them all if you have any interest in what it is like to build and release a mobile app.

Triangulation - #187: Indiegogo Founder Danae Ringelmann

Indiegogo is so much more than crowd funding, and this interview really digs into the goals and approach of the platform.

Foundation - #43 - Leo Laporte

A great interview with the founder and main host on the network. Leo’s journey to form is interesting and worth hearing about.

Invisibilia - How to Become Batman

Amazing insight into blindness and how people adapt in different and amazing ways. I was really impressed by both the content of this episode, and how well it was put together.

Death, Sex, and Money - Cancer Changed Ken Jeong’s Comedy

Personal and deep discussion into a now famous movie and TV actor, with a past you probably wouldn’t guess if you don’t already know.

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TWIT - Calacanis Returns

Some of the best discussion around what Tesla is doing, the hyperloop concept, etc that I’ve heard. Also, some additional and truly great conversation.

Everything Sounds - 55: Restaurant Sound Design

Not very recent, but so good I feel compelled to mention it. A very interesting look into the sounds you hear, and what they want you to hear, when you are in a restaurant.

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The Whisky Topic Episode 1 - Whisky Three Ways!

The Whisky Topic started strong with what I thought was a great discussion around the various ways people choose to drink their whisky. Given that Whiskey Topic is only 9 episodes in, I really suggest you listen to all of it, but certainly make sure you listen to the first episode before you jump to current.

######Analog(ue) Episodes #37, #38, and #39 This series of episodes covers some really great and personal discussion about dating, online and otherwise. I always appreciate how honest and real the conversation of this show is. These episodes are among the best in that vein.

Accidental Tech Podcast #116: Women Aren’t a Minority

The guys had a well balanced and calm, yet difficult, discussion around how to attract more female listeners to their show and try to avoid alienating the ones they have, without making their show into something completely different. This episode also had some good discussion on the Overcast watch app and changes Marco made after using his watch app in real life.