One Year Later

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Photo credit: Unsplash: chen_idragon

Coming up at the end of April, it will have been one year since I relaunched my website and blog. I’m going to take this opportunity to reflect on this past year.


One of my main reasons for keeping this blog is to get myself to write more. I set a goal to post twice a month. Not counting April of 2015 (since I didn’t launch until the 30th of that month) this post will be the 18th post of what should have been 22 posts. There were a few months (September, November, December) where I didn’t post at all, and others (May, July, August, January) when I posted three entries. Here are some thoughts on writing one year later.

Website Tech

A year later, I’m still really happy with my website tech choices, but do have some things I’d change.

The Happy

The Room for Improvement

Podcast Listening

I just wrote about my latest in podcast listening, so I won’t cover much now. I’m still really glad that so many great people are making so many great shows.

More to come

It has been a great year. I look forward to more posts, more learning, and more trial and error.