Writing Blog Posts with Atom

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Photo credit: Unsplash: aaronburden

Back when I migrated from Ghost to Jekyll, one thing I gave up was a really easy to use Markdown editor with a side-by-side preview.

I’ve used a variety of Markdown editors, and some with Preview features, but none that really gave me what I wanted.

When I looked around for alternatives, I found some that looked promising, but I settled on a free and open source solution.

I’d heard of, and tried, the Atom editor before, but my entire development workflow is so focused around tmux and VIm that I’ve never really gotten any windowed editor to stick as part of my workflow.

Atom is nice, very customizable, with a ton of great plugins.

It even has some that understand Jekyll blogs and their folder structure, etc. The feature I use most however, is a ability to show a great Markdown preview, right next to the Markdown document I’m editing.

If you are looking for a GUI editor for markdown documents, like writing blog posts, I suggest Atom.